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Chrysler 300C Parts

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Replacement Mopar windscreen washer jet nozzle for the 300C.
Fits all models 2005-2010

Code: WJ8  £19.75 (includes VAT)


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If the Auto gearbox will not move out of PARK then the cause is usually due to a faulty interlock latch. It is only made of plastic and is prone to breaking.
This upgraded latch solves the problem as it has been re-engineered in metal for a long life.
Fits all models 2005-2010

Code: LA1 £31.95 (includes VAT)


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Engine functions on the Chrysler 300C are electronically monitored and should a fault occur it will stored in the car’s computer as a five digit code. This latest generation code reader is very useful and easy to use, featuring a TFT colour display, LED status indicators and audible tones.

Easy to use
Simply plug it into the diagnostic socket, inside the Chrysler 300C near the accelerator pedal, and switch on the ignition. Green, amber and red LEDs will give a status check and if any faults are found with the engine, transmission or emissions, the fault codes and fault descriptions will be displayed on the colour display.

Erase codes
Once the fault is fixed, the code reader can be used to erase the code and the engine-check light .

Live engine data
With the engine running it can display, for example, the rpm, engine temperature and sensor data - particularly useful for determining intermittent faults.

Freeze frame data
Displays a snapshot view of the various sensor values when the actual fault occurred. The AL319 is ideal for the Chrysler owner and can also be used to check virtually all makes of modern car going back to 1996 when the OBD 11 diagnostic system was first introduced.

Supports all the latest OBD II and CAN protocols.

Multi-lingual - can be switched to English, French, or Spanish (Français, Español).
12 months UK warranty.

Package contents: AL319 Code Reader with plug-in lead, user manual, computer-connect cable and CD for software updates, DTC list etc.. For all Chrysler 300C - petrol and diesel.

Code: CR319 £44.50 (includes VAT)


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A Torx bits set with holder, for use with a 3/8 sq. drive. Draper expert quality, made from silicon steel, hardened and tempered. Contents: T20, T25, T30, T4, T45, T50 x 30mm long.

Code: DR2 £7.90 (includes VAT)



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